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As only patients know what it’s like to live with a disease, it’s crucial they play a more central role in medical research. Talking to patients is often a better way to find out what medical products need to be developed, yet it doesn’t always happen.

For the first time in the pre-clinical stage of drug discovery, Syndicates will put the patient at the vital start of the drug discovery process. Charities will have a central role to ensure research aligns with patients.

What will Medicines Discovery Catapult do differently?

Rather than failing to involve patients, or merely consulting them, we will collaborate with Medical Research Charities and the patient groups which they represent to focus the major research efforts at the beginning of the drug discovery process on real patient’s needs and priorities.

Research collaborations can influence drug discovery in very novel ways. In partnership with Medical Research Charities, and by involving industry, academia and other organisations, we will establish Syndicates to promote new ways of translating the best science into high value diagnostics, biomarkers and medicines.

Syndicates will:

  • enable coordination, planning and delivery of collaborative research
  • de-risk new promising assets
  • accelerate research translation to the clinic

Anchored by the leading medical research charity in partnership with the Medicines Discovery Catapult, each Syndicate will bring together patients and clinical experts with innovators from industry (e.g. SMEs, pharma) and academia in the disease area of focus.

Illustration of the Discovery Syndicates model

The Medicines Discovery Catapult is actively working on the development of the Syndicate framework, while engaging with several medical research charities. An announcement on the first Discovery Syndicate consortia will be made available in due course.

Establishing a sustainable model

Underpinned by new frameworks to attract funding and investment, we are committed to enable long term focus and sustainability by:

  • providing the enabling resources for the establishment of Discovery Syndicates
  • contributing expertise for their on-going management and coordination