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Samples and data

We believe that patients should be at the beginning of discovery. We also believe that the answers to most of the big questions in medicines discovery are to be found within the patient. The proving of new diagnostics and biomarkers requires access to real world patient samples and data. This is also vital at the start of any medicines discovery project to add confidence that the drug target is real. While large companies and academic institutions have built internal specialist teams and relationships with major national initiatives to solve this problem, SMEs can struggle to access consented patient samples and data.

We are therefore working with SMEs and national stakeholders to ensure that growing companies can access appropriately consented patient samples and data predictably and affordably. We aim to provide a simpler channel for the community to identify what assets are available and help broker the right deals that enable rapid testing of prototypes and de-risking of ‘precision’ medicine approaches. We have announced our collaboration with the Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre to help SMEs find consented samples, and more partnership working is underway.

Our facilities can also provide places for securely working with these samples and data to get the most from them, as fast as possible.

Once established we will continue to engage with SMEs and other service providers to ensure that these new approaches are helping the wider community to make safe use of these important national assets.

Get in touch now if you need patient samples or data to test your prototype or answer a fundamental medicines discovery, biomarker or diagnostics question, or if you are a sample or data owner looking for more efficient ways to engage with SMEs.