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Samples and data

We believe that patients should be at the beginning of discovery. We also believe that the answers to most of the big questions in medicines discovery are to be found within the patient. The proving of new diagnostics and biomarkers requires access to real world patient samples and data. This is also vital at the start of any medicines discovery project to add confidence that the drug target is real.

While large companies and academic institutions have built internal specialist teams and relationships with major national initiatives to solve this problem, SMEs can struggle to access consented patient samples and data.

In our State of the Discovery Nation report, 64% of UK SMEs said access to donated UK samples was difficult. We are collaborating with the Tissue Directory, and with Tissue Solutions, to solve this problem.

The Tissue Directory is the UK’s only register of sample collections that covers multiple diseases and allows searching based on age, gender, disease classification, sample type, and available datasets.

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Tissue Solutions is a customer-focused provider of ethically sourced human samples required for preclinical drug development and research. The joint Medicines Discovery Catapult and Tissue Solutions team can support you with:

  • finding samples
  • making agreements with UK biobanks
  • access and logistics

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