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Our strategy

Our strategy is built around four interconnected focus areas, that can be applied alone or in combination to address your project questions and remove barriers to medicines discovery.

Across these focus areas, we bring expertise, drug discovery know-how, and state-of-the-art medicines discovery technologies, into collaborative research programmes. We work at the forefront of drug discovery technology innovation, so that UK SMEs can access technologies and associated expertise not otherwise readily accessible to them.

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Complex Cell Models

Miniaturised 3D physiological systems suitable for drug discovery that represent and mimic patient organ-level functions or disease
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Target Engagement & Validation

Measuring and characterising drug-target engagement and validating targets in translatable cell models
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Biomarkers for Precision Medicine

Improving our understanding of drugs, disease and drug-target interactions within patients
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Drug Delivery and Pre-clinical Imaging

Optimising the delivery of a therapeutic to its target tissue, and assessing biochemical and biological processes in a living subject in a non-invasive way
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Who do we help?

We work collaboratively with all sectors of the UK Medicines Discovery Industry, with the primary aim of developing and growing SMEs.

Depending on the focus of the collaborating SME, we can offer a tailored solution:

  • For Technology Companies, we can evaluate and support the development of pre-commercial technologies, and we can build new use cases through application to translatable biological models.
  • For Drug Discovery Companies, we can build data packages and identify biomarkers for lead molecules, by evaluating in translatable models using advanced technologies.
  • For Biology Companies, for example focused on advanced cell and molecular biology, we can generate characterisation data and develop new applications.

In all areas, our collaborations are underpinned by significant internal drug discovery expertise and by our extensive collaboration network, encompassing UK National Facilities, Academia and Manufacturers.

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