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Science and technology

Innovation in medicines discovery science is at the heart of the strategy for the Medicines Discovery Catapult. Through collaboration we can help to bring new products and technologies to the marketplace, faster.

Diagram of Science and Technology Capabilities

Initial focus

The science and technology teams of the Medicines Discovery Catapult have a wealth of expertise and experience in the discovery of small molecules and development of new technologies and applications. These areas are where we are putting our initial focus.

To deliver our mission we are continuing to expand our team of scientists and technologists – see our current opportunities.

The Future

As we begin to build up our research capabilities, we’re particularly interested in receiving collaborative proposals and partnership ideas in the following areas:

  • Development of advanced stem cell derived, organoid and 3D culture models, including maturation of human derived cells into relevant disease and organ phenotypes
  • Application of advanced biophysical techniques to demonstrate interaction and kinetics of small molecules with target proteins, in vitro and within cellular environments
  • Use of omics and mass spectrometry platforms to profile the impact of small molecules on pathways and cell biology, including mechanism of action studies and demonstration of target specificity
  • Advancing the applications of mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry imaging, or solid state NMR, in small molecule drug discovery
  • Identification of relevant biomarkers in cells and tissues demonstrating on target and off target activities, including translation of preclinical biomarkers towards clinical studies

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are well positioned to help other organisations. If you are from an SME, an innovator or an academic with an eye to commercialisation of research and technologies, we are keen to help you.

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Advancing new research technologies and scientific techniques

To help advance new molecules to patients, we are developing new research technologies and scientific techniques, and developing research programmes that draw on the combined strengths of the members of the Syndicates we are helping to build.

Our approach

Our strategy is to enable a deep understanding of the impact of molecules on disease by developing new complex assay models and to use insights from the richness of disease-relevant data available through state-of-the-art platforms. This will improve the shared understanding of the biology of candidate molecules and disease pathways.

Using truly relevant assays and models, alongside analytics and informatics for smart decision-making, we will help organisations apply novel technologies and insights to ensure smarter and timely decision-making.

Watering holes

Our laboratories in Alderley Park (Cheshire) and within the University of Warwick are safe ‘watering holes’ for scientists in SMEs, larger companies, and academia. At both locations individual innovators and businesses can freely collaborate on new drug discovery ideas and opportunities, access state-of-the-art research capabilities and take forward their projects.

Specific expertise in science and technology

We are developing expertise in aspects of complex biological analysis that are core to information-led drug discovery – including enzymology, kinetics, mass spectrometry, microphysiology, complex cell models, organoids, omics, and biomarker profiling.

Areas of focus for our scientists include:

  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Target engagement within cells
  • Profiling of full picture of impact on cell and tissue biology
  • Early identification of biomarker changes that can translate to clinical studies
  • Drug delivery to the site of action

Breakthrough technologies of active interest include:

  • Complex human physiological model systems – iPS, organoids, 3D, co-culture
  • Mass Spectrometry and Mass Spectrometry Imaging
  • Omics platforms and associated analytics
  • Microfluidics, solid state NMR, and automation

As well as enabling access to state-of the art capabilities and expertise, we can assist with grant applications, provide expertise in collaborative project management and, through our virtual discovery capability, help steer you to additional partners and expert advisors to advance the project.

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