× Medicines Discovery Catapult

We are here to do the things that the sector find it hard to do alone. We can be thought of as a national workbench for trying and testing new approaches, technologies and processes in a secure, safe and expert environment. We extend the reach of investment into basic research by closing the translational gap: helping strong basic science and technology turn into the best new products and services.

By proving new ways of discovering new high value products, and mentoring key talent across sectors, we can help the UK maintain its heritage position as a global leader in this key industry.

We can help you address barriers and create new high value products because

  • We do not compete with our community. We focus on areas where the sector needs new products, services and solutions, NOT where it has them today
  • We engage with entrepreneurs working outside the walls of large pharma to enable them to nurture, test and prove their ideas, so that they can be taken up by the wider sector
  • We bring together rare expertise, a massive global network and credibility to help all members of the sector solve common problems together
  • Our not-for-profit status enables us to be the honest broker across the sector that may find it hard to engage with one another directly and in some cases directly compete

We are already well placed to help with

  • Novel predicative models of organs and disease
  • Novel ways of measuring drug activity and safety
  • Access to complex information to help you start your project with confidence
  • Informatics that links drug targets to patient information
  • New approaches to faster clinical proof of concept
  • Enabling charities to convert their support for research into new medicines
  • Adding industrial insight and access to pharma-quality ‘virtual’ project working with CROs
  • Providing easier access to high value patient samples and data

Get in Touch now if

  • You are trying to take your idea of a diagnostic, biomarker or medicine into a reality
  • Your good science can help make a targeted product but you need help
  • You have a technology that could be applied in discovering new diagnostic, biomarker or medicine
  • You need access to patient samples and data to prove your idea will work
  • You don’t know what the industry will want you to prove before they take up your idea
  • Your charity needs to turn good science into great medicines for your patients