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If a project is raising any of the following questions, there’s a very good chance that MDC’s Discovery team can get you the answers you need.

“Is my drug discovery project commercially viable?”

Whether your project is academic or pre-commercial, MDC’s Discovery team can help you drive it towards commercialisation. We can offer guidance on your future customers’ needs, honing your plans and your data package to maximise their coherence and credibility, helping you make your project more attractive to investors.

“What is needed to establish a drug discovery data package that will be credible to investors, pharma and regulators?”

With our many decades discovery experience, we can advise on what is needed to progress your molecule and we can help you to develop and implement a strategy to generate this data and understanding.

”How can I predict efficacy and safety of my molecule in a pre-clinical setting?”

We can help you evaluate your lead molecule in cutting edge in vitro and in vivo human cell models to build confidence in your asset as you progress towards the clinic.

“Does my compound bind to its target and can I measure the expected cellular effect?”

We can deploy our suite of analytical technologies to build a platform of evidence connecting your drug, its biological target, and downstream effects. These assays can then be deployed to support project progression.

”What is the biodistribution of my drug molecule or drug delivery technology?”

We can use our advanced technologies to measure the distribution of your drug molecule or drug delivery technology in vivo to demonstrate that it reaches its target tissue, then delve deeper to measure the distribution of the drug molecule within the tissue and its downstream effects.

”How can I establish a translational biomarker for my drug program?”

We can help you to identify and measure translatable biomarkers that can be applied to demonstrate that your drug is exhibiting its desired effect at each stage of your project journey and help to understand which patients could benefit from your drug.

“Can you help me validate my technology?”

The Discovery Team is committed to supporting the progression of new technologies and approaches that are relevant to drug discovery. Whether a novel method or a new technology, we can help you validate and benchmark your platform in a drug discovery environment and develop new applications that can grow your business.