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Informatics is the use of technology to collect, analyse and cross-reference information. The end goals are greater data transparency, and the ability to harness all types of data to make insightful interpretations.

Medicines discovery is driven by data. Huge amounts of it – biological, chemical, clinical, safety and patent data – are generated and used by every medicine’s discovery project.

What the Informatics team can do for you will depend on your unique project goals and challenges. Our key strength lies in tackling difficult and unprecedented discovery data problems.

We can help you make sense of what is already known in public databases, and then support your project’s data and analytics algorithm needs. And in doing so, you can gain clarity on how your project should progress, or any key critical data needed. You may also reveal unforeseen opportunities – for example, an additional therapeutic use for your new drug.

We draw upon existing public and controlled access datasets – generated by research teams from around the globe – to uncover and analyse information for you. We can also combine your own data with these datasets. For a scientist on your development team, analysing a dozen scatter plots is doable; analysing 10 million scatter plots is not. MDC’s Informatics team can find, collate and systematically interpreting large amounts of data.

By empowering you to operate at this scale and pace, we accelerate your progress – reducing risk, saving you time, money and effort.

We also develop tailored techniques, tools and even products to support the varied needs of biotech and pharma organisations.

In a nutshell

We can offer

  • data interrogation at scale and pace
  • access to our extensive integrated public and proprietary databases
  • industry-leading scientific and engineering expertise
  • cutting-edge data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence

We believe

  • our experience and impartiality is key to our value as a collaborator
  • we provide solutions rather than services
  • our team feels like an extension of yours
  • discretion and security are of the utmost importance