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The benefit of a drug takes into account both the drug’s ability to produce the desired result (efficacy) and the type and likelihood of adverse effects (safety). Designing effective drugs with a wide therapeutic index and minimal side effects is the goal – but can sometimes be difficult to achieve.

Analysing the potential margin of safety, or therapeutic index, of drug candidates before development increases the chance of developing effective, beneficial treatments. Crucial is the comparative analysis of the profiles of competitor compounds, for which we have developed state of the art data information extraction technologies to provide optimal supporting data.

How we can help

The Medicines Discovery Catapult can conduct data analysis and apply predictive models to understand and prioritise potential development candidates, using:

  • internal informatics
  • partnering and commercial expertise
  • extensive proprietary databases and algorithms

Understanding the margin of safety can help to prioritise resources for drug development, or lead to the development of alternative drug delivery methods.