× Medicines Discovery Catapult

The Informatics team possesses industry-leading expertise in cheminformatics, bioinformatics, data science and software engineering, with particular depth in information extraction, natural language processing, scientific data analysis, and artificial intelligence across all parts of pharmaceutical discovery and development.

The Informatics team can:

  • Solve discovery data problems using novel Artificial Intelligence and informatics
  • Provide expert or Artificial Intelligence curated insights
  • Support drug repurposing, for example in identifying novel mechanistic approaches and novel clinical candidates for rare or neglected diseases
  • Identify, purify, and interrogate novel datasets at scale and pace
  • Extract data from hard to reach data sets (e.g. publication figures and tables)
  • Provide secure, auditable data transfer capabilities for collaborative projects
  • Provide healthcare domain insights (opportunities and challenges) on the use of technology platforms within healthcare and pharma to align to reimbursable or impactful products
  • Use technology to provide unbiased, automated, in-depth analysis of small molecules and biologics for discovery or development risks
  • Through our unique collaborative technology approaches provide access to data insights to understand the market opportunity, competitive threats, and collaborative opportunities

Our technology

We have a wealth of powerful tools and large datasets at our disposal, and so spend minimal time getting up and running on a new challenge.

Internally we are also using our expertise to build novel informatics tools that will support the interpretation of data, leveraging advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We are developing technology that will:

  • Create richer data
  • Enable better decision making
  • Improve collaboration
  • Tackle common problems that inhibit medicines discovery