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If a project is raising any of the following questions, MDC’s Informatics team can get you the answers you need.

“How can I boost my project’s chance of success?”

We use predictive models and data-driven analytics to predict druggability from a raw dataset or a candidate list of targets, and then select the most likely successful therapeutic modality class for these. Thereby mitigating risks; saving time and money; streamlining decision-making; increasing the chances of success; and getting your drug to market quicker.

“How efficacious and safe is my drug likely to be?”

Our predictive models and data-driven analytics can go a long way to detailing the efficacy and safety of a new medicine, before a single test on animal or human takes place.

“Can my drug be repurposed?”

Finding an alternative use – or uses – for an existing medicine can be hugely beneficial. With its testing and safety compliance already in place, a drug can be sped to market at minimum cost. By cross-referencing a drug’s composition and effects with very large amounts of research data, new opportunities can present themselves.

“Could my drug be used in combination with others?”

People suffering from complex or multifaceted issues often benefit from combinations of drugs, which can work to increase efficacy, overcome resistance and reduce adverse reactions. Through the close analysis of extremely large amounts of data, MDC’s Informatics team can find opportunities for your drug to work in harmony with others.

“How can I find lead compounds faster?”

Chemical space is vast, and only a fraction of it has been explored in terms of drug discovery. Through virtual screening and in-depth analysis of bioactivities, MDC’s Informatics team can identify potential lead compounds for you, at speed and with confidence.