Important partnership work made possible by Chief Business and Strategy Officer Mark Samuels

Our Chief Business and Strategy Officer Mark Samuels was instrumental in bringing this breakthrough new screening test for colorectal cancer to the UK, during his time as MD at the National Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI). The advanced computer algorithm, which has just gone through first stage UK research, can scan millions of NHS patient records in minutes and accurately reveal if individuals are at high risk of bowel cancer.  This has the potential to make a huge difference to patients, and the NHS, through earlier detection and less need for invasive procedures.

Mark brought the algorithm to the UK after a meeting in Tel Aviv with a small IT company, Medial Research, who are pioneers in the field of algorithmic analysis of medical data. Mark then assembled an expert group comprising Medial Research, Professor Julietta Patnick, then Director of NHS Cancer Screening and Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, and developed a partnership that was able to carry out tests in the UK.

At Medicines Discovery Catapult Mark is continuing this pioneering work, forming collaborations between teams across charities, big businesses and small biotechs, to identify the diseases that will require most focus in the UK drug discovery world, both now and in the future.

Link to the article’s:  Daily Express online &  PULSE  

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