× Medicines Discovery Catapult

Working together across discovery and clinical proof of concept

We work in shared R&D projects with partners who want to find new diagnostics, biomarkers and drugs. These include biotech and pharma of all sizes, translational researchers, technologists, charity groups, contract researchers and investors.

We help to test and prove new approaches to the discovery and clinical proof of future diagnostics, biomarkers and medicines.

We help the sector transform ideas into new commercial products and services, and support the UK’s broad discovery community at a time of radical change.

We make this happen by working in shared R&D projects with all members of the community.

We can

  • Apply industrial decision making and project management to speed up drug, diagnostic and biomarker projects and enable them to be more readily adopted by industry and investors
  • Apply and test new scientific models of disease and new ways of measuring complex biology
  • Make fragmented data systems work together and harness valuable data to drive better decisions
  • Access the best UK discovery minds to give agile advice to our partners’ projects and concepts
  • Broker access to patient samples and patient data to test and prove new biomarkers, diagnostics and software
  • Help patient charities and academics move their good science more quickly into great targeted products

This helps the UK medicines discovery sector, our economy and leads to healthier people around the world.