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Open programme funding competition round 1 from Innovate UK


This competition is open to the best cutting-edge or disruptive ideas or concepts with a view to commercialisation.

These can come from any area of technology, science or engineering, including arts, design, media or creative industries, and be applied to any part of the economy.

They can fit into, or be outside of, any one or more of Innovate UK’s Challenge Areas.

Closes: 11th July 2018
Organisation: Innovate UK
Guidelines: Read the full competition details >

Why partner with the Medicines Discovery Catapult?

  • Our team have a wealth of industrial and academic expertise applied to drug discovery, complex cell models, assay development, biomarker identification, and validation
  • You’ll have supported access, with specialist expertise, to cutting edge technologies including multi-omics capabilities, mass spec quantitation, mass spec imaging, and organ-on-a-chip capabilities
  • Our team are experts in translating analytical methodologies that are sensitive, specific, and robust for clinical utility
  • Our informatics team have deep expertise in natural language processing, data analysis, machine learning, cheminformatics, and bioinformatics
  • We can providing access to information thats not readily available around target validation, drug target interaction, and downstream consequences of engagement
  • We can help unlock access to appropriately consented patient samples, and data
  • We’ll give you access to a network of clinical, academic, and industry experts via virtual R&D
  • You can leverage our experience in grant application writing
  • We’ll share the workload and costs of applying

Next steps

To discuss a joint bid with us, please complete the form below or call us on 01625 238734.

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