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We are now making available a new technology solution for collaborations with SMEs or academics who need to analyse assay samples at multiple timepoints, or to study multiple biological changes in parallel.

Our collaboration with AstraZeneca gives access to this state-of-the-art bioanalytical technology.

How can AMI-MS address your medicines discovery challenge?

Although a powerful technique used to determine the mass, structure and abundance of molecules, traditional mass spectrometry has limitations in throughput at which samples can be introduced into the mass detector. The industry has therefore relied on other expensive labelled assay technologies that increase the cost and duration of early stage drug discovery.

Instead of using a needle to inject a liquid sample into the mass detector, AMI technology uses sound energy. A fine mist of charged droplets is ‘lifted’ from the surface of a sample into the mass spectrometer.

Contactless and contamination-free, AMI-MS can analyse up to three samples per second. As a result, the rich data provided by traditional mass spectrometry can now be applied to dynamic kinetic assays, and to large scale profiling across multiple biological analytes.

Our offering

We are actively developing novel MS assays applicable to biomarker identification and drug discovery. We are keen to collaborate on the development and application of specialised assays using AMI-MS, and our current offering includes:

  • High information content assays in cultured cell systems
  • Kinetic monitoring of chemical and biochemical reactions
  • Fingerprinting of metabolites and lipids in blood or other biological samples
  • Target validation and pathway analysis

Our expertise

Mass spectrometry is one of our core capabilities, alongside target engagement, complex cell models, and biomarker profiling capabilities. Our mass spectrometry team includes Dr Martin Bachman who, while working for AstraZeneca, was involved throughout the development of the Acoustic Mist Ionisation Mass Spectrometry platform in collaboration with Waters and Labcyte.

Working with us

We work with our partners in a range of different models:

  • Contracted fee-for-service projects
  • Joint grant applications for collaborative R&D funding
  • Shared risk and reward
Illustration of Acoustic Mist Ionisation Mass Spectrometry