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If you’re an SME with a visionary digital health solution, partnering with us could be the key to your project’s success. Make use of our unrivaled industry insight and commercial know-how to bring your inventive healthcare ideas to fruition.


The Digital Health Technology Catalyst (DHTC) round 4: collaborative R&D aims to address challenges – that the Accelerated Access Review (AAR) identified – in the development of digital health innovations, and to help grow the digital health sector.

Closes: Wednesday 10th April 2019
Organisation: Innovate UK
Guidelines: Read the full details >

Why partner with the Medicines Discovery Catapult?

  • You’ll receive industry-focused advice and support to enable you to confidently submit a compelling application.
  • Our experienced commercial and scientific teams have connections across industry, academia, finance, government, and research networks – we can help take your projects further towards commercial viability.
  • Our team have a wealth of industrial and academic expertise applied to drug discovery, complex cell models, assay development, biomarker identification, and validation.
  • You’ll have supported access, with specialist expertise, to cutting edge technologies including multi-omics capabilities, mass spec quantitation, mass spec imaging, and organ-on-a-chip capabilities.
  • Our team are experts in translating analytical methodologies that are sensitive, specific, and robust for clinical utility.
  • Our Informatics team have deep expertise in natural language processing, data analysis, machine learning, cheminformatics, and bioinformatics.
  • We can provide access to information not readily available around target validation, drug target interaction, and downstream consequences of engagement.
  • We can help unlock access to appropriately consented patient Samples & Data.
  • We’ll give you access to a network of clinical, academic, and industry experts via Virtual R&D.