× Medicines Discovery Catapult

Integral to our disruptive model of medicines and diagnostic R&D is a desire to work collaboratively with others, sharing our expertise and other resources to help mitigate the risks and spread the learning associated with early stage medicines R&D.

Four programmes or areas of activity are central to how we operate. We believe these will be invaluable to start-up enterprises, SMEs as well as aspiring innovators:

Development and validation of technologies

We can develop new technologies and science not otherwise being developed by the market and accelerate medicines discovery. For example, complex cells and organoid models replace animal research, better represent the disease state and can address the seemingly ‘undruggable’ targets.

Information platform

We can develop a data platform that will enable greater data pooling and sharing, and AI and machine learning approaches to generate more insights.

Virtual research and development

We can offer R&D supply chain management and brokerage that better supports SMEs, together with assessing and using third-party resources to run high-quality projects.

Sample and data access platform for SMEs

In the near term we will be able to offer brokerage for SMEs to get the samples and data they need to progress their developments – key resources that are currently not readily available to them.

As a partner we offer:


  • Modern laboratory facilities at Alderley Park, Cheshire and elsewhere in the UK
  • Informatics capabilities focused on collaboration, modelling and predictive analytics
  • Supervised community access to scarce and emerging technologies


  • High profile leadership across pharma, biotech, informatics, charity science and process from target validation to clinical PoC
  • Experienced workforce across discovery science, informatics and technology
  • Skills and assets to enable ‘Virtual Discovery ’ across a global network
  • Highly engaged, globally recognised Board and leadership team
  • Strategic influence with Government and national industry bodies

Access to

  • Abroad platform of laboratory research, computer modelling and collaborative capabilities for R&D
  • Current and emerging technologies
  • Competitive funding opportunities supported by Government
  • Informatics initiatives inside and beyond the Life Sciences
  • Virtual Distributed Discovery capability
  • Sources of funding – Venture Capital and Angel Investors