Drug discovery CRO with a reputation for speed and innovation

Domainex is a high quality, fully integrated drug discovery service company based near Cambridge, UK serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and patient foundations globally. They offer a tailored range of biology and chemistry services from a single location, taking our clients from target nomination to delivering pre-clinical candidates. Approximately 80% of their scientists have PhDs and have over 10 years of average industrial experience across a number of therapeutic areas.

They offer a range of services including:

  • Medicinal chemistry incorporating intellectual design and efficient synthetic chemistry under the mantra ‘every compound counts’
  • Stand-alone computer-aided drug design and bioanalytical chemistry services
  • Protein cloning, expression, purification and characterisation using E coli and baculovirus-infected insect cell systems
  • Combinatorial Domain Hunting, Domainex’s proprietary technology which enables the rapid identification of stable and soluble domains of proteins from screening over 100,000 variants of a target gene
  • A highly differentiated and efficient approach to hit discovery, encompassing:
    • LeadBuilder, a proprietary virtual screening platform utilising a database of ~2 million lead-like compounds
    • FragmentBuilder, an integrated platform of fragment-based drug design encompassing: protein expression, assay development, screening by a variety of biophysical techniques including microscale thermophoresis, structural biology and rapid fragment hit analogue elaboration. A unique fragment collection of 1000+ diverse fragments is available, including a sp3-rich set of fragments from SpiroChem
  • Assay development and compound screening covering biochemical, biophysical and cell-based systems to support all stages of drug discovery. Ability to construct and operate just-in-time screening cascades co-located with medicinal chemistry to minimise timelines to generate hits, leads and pre-clinical candidates
  • X-ray crystallography services incorporating dedicated beamline time at the Diamond Light Source beamline

Domainex are a member of our CRO Network, part of our Virtual R&D offering. You can find out more about them on their website.