An international chemistry-based CRO on a mission to accelerate your discovery

LCC (also known as Liverpool ChiroChem) is an international chemistry-based CRO on a mission to accelerate your discovery. Specialised in the synthesis of chiral N-heterocycle, their technologies unlock thousands of novel (chiral) building blocks. Their offer covers some of the gaps in existing chemical spaces by offering new products as well as novel variants of privileged scaffolds.

LCC’s product categories are covering:

  • Monomers and scaffolds for DNA-encoded library synthesis (DEL)
  • Collections of fragment including covalent, fluoro derivatives and enantioprobes (FBLD)
  • Semi-flexible linkers for PROTACs
  • Chiral API and intermediates

With variety of core technologies and strengths, and facilities that allow them to work from mg to multi-kg scale with high enantiopurity, their products pipeline is always evolving. Plus, they are also supporting hit expansion, SAR studies, and follow-up chemistry when needed. Through an ethos of purposeful curiosity, LCC’s goal is to help the development of high-quality drugs, in order to bring new drugs to market, faster, better, and easier.

LCC are a member of our CRO Network, part of our Virtual R&D offering. You can find out more about them on their website.