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UK Biocentre (UKBC) run the NIHR National Biosample Centre based in Milton Keynes. This is a national scale capability able to support the biosample processing and storage needs of both large and small organisations.

The NIHR National Biosample Centre was established through NIHR funding and is operated by UK Biocentre as a not for profit organisation.

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The NIHR National Biosample Centre is a 60,0002ft facility supporting biosample processing and storage that supports academic, industry and NHS Investigators wishing to access state of the art automated sample processing and storage capabilities that are able to sustain complex project processing requirements.

UKBC provides a headline biosample storage capacity of 20 million samples. Storage is provided at 4◦C, -20◦C -80◦C and -196◦C. Considerable use is made of automated storage and retrieval robots to undertake sample storage and picking at ultra-low temperatures. Automated archives provide high pick rates that are sustainable whilst also minimising the potential for loss of sample integrity through temperature cycling.

In addition, UKBC has developed cost effective DNA and RNA extraction methodologies that can operate “at scale”. All projects and their inventories are managed through a Laboratory Information Management System.

UKBC is looking to work with the Medicines Discovery Catapult to develop new models for enabling industry and SMEs to access existing sample cohorts and to optimise long-term storage solutions

UKBC operates under its own HTA licence and to the ISO9001 (2015) quality standard. A professional Facilities Service team supports the facility with 24/7 callout and considerable investment has been made in facility back-up systems to ensure robust and continuous service provision.