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All drugs have an optimum concentration range in which maximum benefit is achieved. There is a need for multi-disciplinary approaches to optimise the delivery of a therapeutic to its target tissue.

Drug delivery systems that combine polymer science, pharmaceutics, and molecular biology have the potential to improve patient outcomes by reducing off-target toxicity and enabling drugs to be dosed to maximise therapeutic effect.

We are looking for collaborations with Academics or SMEs developing or validating novel drug development approaches.

Creating a drug delivery system can be done in various ways, including:

  • nanoparticles
  • transdermal administration via microencapsulation
Horizon microbubble device developed by University of Leeds
Horizon microbubble device developed by University of Leeds

The benefits of novel drug delivery approaches include:

  • increased drug efficacy
  • decreased toxicity
  • site-specific delivery
  • greater convenience

Our expert team can provide:

  • Cutting edge expertise, with a fresh bold approach focussed on patient outcomes.
  • Commercially-minded development and validation of novel drug delivery methods, including drug repurposing and rescuing, and delivery routes for new compounds already in development.
  • More effective and rapid translation of academic research into clinical development and practice.
  • Translation of pre-clinical data into clinically relevant methods.