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Syndicates provide an innovative model for patient-focussed, collaborative drug discovery.

Developed around a specific disease area and anchored by one or more medical research charities, Syndicates put patient needs and priorities at the heart of their drug discovery efforts.

Find out more about the three Syndicates we have established to date:

Underpinned by a strategic partnership with Medicines Discovery Catapult, each Syndicate brings together patients and clinical experts with innovators from industry and academia to create disease-focussed research portfolios that will accelerate the discovery of medicines and their translation to the clinic.

Syndicates accelerate the discovery and translation of new medicines by:

  • Providing a collaborative approach to identify and address disease-specific barriers to drug discovery
  • Enabling and driving disease-led, patient-focussed research portfolios
  • De-risking new approaches and assets and driving their wider adoption or commercialisation
  • Enabling sustainable funding and investment

Medicines Discovery Catapult continues to engage medical research charities and other patient organisations, academic institutions, and industry on areas of unmet need which would benefit from the Syndicate approach.