× Medicines Discovery Catapult

Job purpose

The role of the Competitive Intelligence Analyst in the MDC Informatics Lab is to support and grow our capabilities in competitive intelligence analysis supporting internal projects and external collaborators, primarily commercial SMEs and academic researchers across the UK drug discovery sector. This team member will be expected to provide both hands-on and strategic expertise across our multiple and diverse project and collaborative work.

The position will provide the Competitive Intelligence Analyst with the opportunity to use existing commercial and contribute to the develop of new internal systems that enable powerful searching, analysis and interpretation of time dynamic datasets. This member of the team will need an understanding of drug discovery and development industry trends, experience of both small molecular and biological drugs. Working in the MDC also provides a unique opportunity to interact with cutting-edge health-related translational researchers and technologies.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Develop and support our internal and external competitive intelligence capabilities
  • Contribute to the design and testing of next-generation competitive intelligence data systems
  • Work alone and with others to support the work of collaborators
  • Define and develop opportunities to collaborate with external data and technology providers
  • Maintain excellent written records of work


  • Expertise in relevant commercial and public domain information systems (e.g. SciFinder. Patent systems
  • Familiarity of chemical structure and biological sequence searching of database
  • Ideally familiarity of database and text-mining technologies useful in competitive intelligence analytics
  • Graduate in biological/chemical science, informatics , other related subjects, or equivalent work experience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Strong organisational techniques, including the ability to handle a variety of tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Existing right to work in the UK

The position is available at either entry or senior level, depending on experience.