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Running a drug discovery campaign as an SME is a challenge.

Sticking to your business plan isn’t easy when new opportunities and barriers appear all the time. As well as the commercial aspects of growing your organisation, you need to ensure a rigorous and productive approach to science.

Advice from experienced people who’ve been there and done it themselves can be invaluable, and can help:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Improve financial performance
  • Manage risk
  • Enhance operational performance

How we help

Diagram explaining how our expert advice service helps

We work with highly-experienced biopharma-industry experts and partner organisations to find the knowledge and expertise you need. We’ll connect you with providers and experts that can:

  • Give scientific and commercial expertise based on experience
  • Help to overcome challenges as your business grows
  • Deliver independent, unbiased advice

Working with us

We work with our partners in a range of different models. Where you need managed access to skills and assets we adopt a fee-for-service model.


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We are partnering with techspert.io to deliver the expert connections that will make the greatest difference to your business. techspert.io use AI technology guided by human insight to connect businesses to precisely the experts they need.

By covering millions of key opinion leaders and specialists throughout the global healthcare sector, we can ensure that you gain the knowledge and expertise that you need to move forward.