× Medicines Discovery Catapult

Our collaborators come from a broad range of sectors and backgrounds, but all have a shared desire to improve medicines discovery through innovative science.

We work with SMEs, academics, charities, Contract Research Organisations (CROs), Pharma, Biotechs, and technology innovators. No matter what size your business is, we are here to help.

We provide extensive medicines discovery and informatics experience combined with access to innovative technology platforms.

We help medicines discovery and diagnostics organisations add value to their novel products and businesses. We help innovators develop new technologies that help make discovery more predictable, productive, and successful. We help academics looking to translate their research.

If you’re involved with medicines discovery in the UK, MDC is here to assist you, or point you to others who can.


We can help…

  • Provide impartial, unbiased medicines discovery project reviews, assessing their impact and potential and create bespoke project plans
  • Provide commercial know-how on the drug discovery process
  • Provide insights into technology providers and identify partnering opportunities
  • Deliver complementary experimental laboratory studies using cutting edge expertise and technologies
  • Use informatics to optimise generated data and identify opportunities
  • Identify grant opportunities and partner on grant applications


We actively support medical research charities to discover and develop new treatments for the patients they represent. We work with charities who have their own R&D resources and those without.

We can help…

  • Address the needs of the patients you represent through strategic discovery programmes
  • Identify potential new drug candidates where there are limited therapeutic options
  • Conduct medicines discovery experiments on your behalf or in partnership
  • Form meaningful partnerships between industry and other partners through our networks and collaborations

Large Pharma & Biotech

We can help…

  • Offer specialist technology and technical expertise for your discovery and technology challenges
  • Support discovery projects with outsourced expertise and technology, including imaging technologies, biological cell models, novel biomarkers, and proof-of-concepts for new therapeutic approaches
  • Help to identify and progress the next generation of technology platforms and lead molecules toward wider industry exploitation
  • Supported access to patient-consented clinical biosamples

Technology Innovators

We can help…

  • Provide discovery expertise to test and validate your technology in a real-world industrial environment
  • Drive adoption of new approaches and technologies across the industry
  • Identify novel applications for your technology and benchmark against currently available methods and technologies


We can help…

  • Advance your project or technology through our industrial discovery expertise, innovative lab capability and technologies – generating pivotal data and valuable insights
  • Overcome the barriers and challenges to progressing your project
  • Conduct or orchestrate the experiments that will improve confidence in your approach
  • Generate data that unlocks new opportunities for your technology or asset
  • Advise on the appropriate and most effective use of available data and informatics approaches to propel the company forward