Infectious Disease

We are establishing partnerships to accelerate antimicrobial, vaccine and diagnostic innovation to get effective treatments to patients faster.

Our ongoing work will help shape the UK infectious diseases community and influence the development of diagnostics and treatments for future infections.

The Covid-19 pandemic and newly available data on deaths attributable to antimicrobial resistance have brought renewed attention to the threat posed by infectious diseases.

New ways to control and treat infectious diseases are urgently needed to improve global healthcare preparedness. Yet, the current medicines pipeline is insufficient and fragile.

New antimicrobials, vaccines and diagnostics are an essential global public health priority as we continue to come up against 21st-century healthcare challenges, such as Covid-19 and the ever-emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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The Challenge

Transformation of the infectious disease medicines pipeline is critical to tackling this globally relevant healthcare risk whilst serving the needs of an increasingly conscious worldwide patient population.

Addressing this challenge requires a paradigm shift from generalised to personalised health interventions, supported by step changes in incentives and regulatory and translational science.

Our Mission

We are working to unlock the transformative potential of the UK’s advanced medicines discovery capability to boost the global infectious diseases sector through partnerships for societal and patient benefit.

Our focus is to:

  • Bring together cross-sector stakeholders from industry, government and academia around specific patient needs
  • Actively drive therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic pipelines through facilitating access to ‘virtual pharma’ and funding
  • Apply the latest technology advances to infectious disease portfolios for improved translation
  • Offer foresight and develop future technological needs/offerings


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Head of Infectious Diseases







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