How We Help

Reshaping Discovery Together.

Medicines discovery is changing. It is becoming more precise in its targeting and accompanied by more complex data, and advanced biomarkers and diagnostics.

We are committed to working with innovative companies across the UK to accelerate this change; helping reshape drug discovery so that patients get the medicines they need faster.

We do this by championing innovative technology and new approaches. We thrive on innovation.

We provide extensive experience in industrial medicines discovery and informatics combined with access to innovative technologies, platforms, and outsourced, multiparty R&D.

We get under the skin of your medicine discovery project, helping uncover the path to your success. Every new challenge brought to us is a chance to leverage our skills and capabilities, helping us to enhance the capabilities of our collaborators.

Partnered Projects

We offer solutions rather than services; projects rather than products. If we are not the best partner for you, we will find them. Our impact is measured by your success.

Our collaborative culture is what makes us different. Every discussion with a member of the community is important, every problem is different, and every solution and experimental plan is bespoke. We are as committed to the success of your project as you are, we are beside you for every step of your journey and we will share in your excitement whenever progress is made.

We work with you to understand your project’s needs and challenges, and then we develop and implement an experimental plan that will deliver the data you need to accelerate your progress.

Our approach is open and impartial; our team should feel like an extension of your own. Based on your plan, you will access our expert teams across MDC, and if we are not the best partner for you, we will find them for you.

Some collaborators only need our help with one aspect of their project. Many find that we can help in many ways, from sample-sourcing to data extraction from hard-to-reach data sets; target engagement to AI curated insights; pre-clinical imaging to patient insights.

Our unrivalled network of R&D partners spans private and public sectors, taking in the NHS, universities, research institutes and CROs. It is a network comprised of some of the sharpest minds that UK science and industry has to offer, both skilled and dependable.

How We Work


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Innovative Technology & New Approaches

We identify and help develop innovative technology, techniques and new approaches for medicines discovery that can accelerate project progression and enhance success. By seizing these opportunities, and seeing them through to fruition, we help our collaborators make their mark on the industry and patients. For example:

  • High-throughput and high-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Preclinical small animal imaging
  • High spatial resolution cell and organoid imaging
  • Biomarker discovery and validation

Internally we are also using our expertise to build novel informatics tools and datasets that will support the interpretation of novel data, leveraging advances in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The analysis of a richer dataset supports more robust and informed decision making.