Global provider of products and services for drug discovery

Inspiralis provides screening services and products to identify and characterise inhibitors of drug targets. Their aim is to provide pharmaceutical companies, and others involved in drug development, with the necessary tools to develop and screen novel anti-infective and anti-cancer compounds.

They specialise in DNA-modifying proteins particularly topoisomerases and helicases and provide a range of inhibitor screening assays including both low- and high-throughput assays as well as mode of action studies (e.g DNA-unwinding assays for intercalators, and crystallography services in collaboration with the John Innes Centre). In addition, they make custom proteins characterised for activity (e.g. topoisomerases from different organisms) and mutants of the proteins.

Inspiralis has been supplying products and services to pharma and biotech companies and academia for over 12 years, developing links with research groups worldwide to enhance their understanding of infectious disease and cancer. They have customers in over 30 countries but aim to provide personalised technical support.

Inspiralis are a member of our CRO Network, part of our Virtual R&D offering. You can find out more about them on their website.