Audubon Biosciences

Innovative provider of biospecimens, their clinical data & tissue services for Cancer Research

Audubon Bio’s mission is to contribute to the better health and wellbeing of people throughout the world by professional support of scientifically and ethically sound biomedical research in field of Precision Medicine, primarily Cancer Research.

Audubon Bio’s vision is to be a trusted industry leader and worldwide provider of diseased tissues and pathology services for scientifically and ethically sound biomedical research.

Audubon Bio has a wide network of 100+ clinical sites in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, working to procure high quality biological samples and data. We can offer even some hard to procure treated or treatment naive tissue specimens.

Audubon Bio collects every sample under IRB approved protocols, ensuring that strict ethical guidelines are followed to protect patient confidentiality and safety. Each sample has the patients consent for use in a wide range of research including the development of commercial products or services. The samples are identifiable only by ID’s to ensure an unbiased assessment as well as patient confidentiality.

Audubon Bio are part of our Biosamples supply network to support UK innovators, creating one of the world’s largest virtual biobanks – read the press release.