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Funded by Innovate UK, an agency of the UK government, we are an independent not-for-profit company bringing together a fragmented UK sector of industry, academia, charities, technologists, services, finance companies, SMEs and start-ups who together can turn good science into new, high value products.

What we do

We’re solving the “somebody really needs to…” challenges in UK drug discovery, in order to bring high-value medicines to patients, faster.

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Re-imagining the future

The traditional model of developing medicines is no longer fit for purpose – it’s been estimated that to take a new drug to a patient takes on average 13.5 years at an average cost of over £1.2 billion. The challenge is to do this more cheaply and quickly without compromising patient safety.

We’re developing tools and techniques to turn this (the traditional drug discovery model):

Illustration of the traditional drug discovery model

Into this, with patients and data at the beginning and all the way through the process:

Illustration of new drug discovery model

Discovery Syndicates

One of the key ways we’ll do this is with our new collaborative model: Discovery Syndicates.

Anchored by the relevant medical research charity, Discovery Syndicates will build disease focused consortia, centred around real patient needs.