Virtual R&D

Providing best in class support for your medicines R&D.

Virtual R&D provides an independent service that helps projects mitigate risks, optimise time and resources, and strengthen drug discovery plans.

Our experts have experience working in large pharma and biotech SMEs and work in a range of disease and therapy areas. Our project delivery spans programmes developing traditional small molecules, biological medicines such as oligonucleotide and antibody therapeutics and nanoparticle delivery systems.

Our expertise covers drug discovery from target validation to candidate nomination and beyond. We partner with innovators to provide:

  • Drug discovery and disease area advice, insight, critique, and review
  • Development of detailed, actionable project plans and target product profiles
  • Access to in-house capabilities from our discovery laboratory and informatics teams and through our CRO relationships

Discover, Develop, Deliver

Whether you require support for one element of your drug discovery project or support across all stages, we offer a proven approach designed to support you. We aim to deliver value and enable drug discovery progression by providing:

  • Rapid, independent diligence of programmes throughout the drug discovery process
  • Agile, industry-relevant R&D project plans to support IP generation
  • Best practice in modern medicines R&D processes

Discover the Challenge

  • Helping to evaluate the key questions, problems and ideas in your drug discovery challenge

 Develop the Strategy

  • Working with you to develop a roadmap to success with key milestones, including Line of Sight (LoS) to the clinic, evaluation of risks and assumptions

Delivery in Partnership

  • Ensuring successful delivery by working with MDC’s scientific capabilities, or through our CRO and expert partners

Challenges We Can Help With

From idea to drug candidate, and all the questions in between. We can help answer critical questions relevant to your discovery drug project:

Reshaping Medicines Discovery...

It's ambitious, it's achievable

Our Experts

Dr Graeme Wilkinson

Dr Graeme Wilkinson

Head of Virtual R&D

Sarah Brockbank

Sarah Brockbank

Strategy Leader - Complex Medicines

Dr Sally-Ann Emmas

Dr Sally-Ann Emmas

Lead Scientist

Dr Kirsty Winn

Dr Kirsty Winn

Project Lead


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