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We are providing updates on the COVID-19 situation for the UK drug discovery community. Our aim is to help the community during this challenging time and also highlight important work and resources.

MDC update

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 risk assessments have been performed under the instruction of MDC’s Health and Safety team. MDC can confirm full compliance with Government guidance on managing the risks and reducing transmission of COVID-19.

Where possible, MDC have implemented measures to allow employees to maintain 2 metre distancing.

Where social distancing is not possible, MDC have established control measures and are minimising the number of people working together at one time.

Facilities for regular hand washing are in place, underpinned by enhanced cleaning regimes for the workspaces.

MDC has issued safety updates and guidance to those who have remained working within the facilities as key workers throughout lockdown.

All employees now returning to the workplace will receive detailed training and guidance, and MDC will maintain a work from home policy for those who are able to do so.

MDC will regularly monitor and internally communicate it’s COVID-19 management controls to ensure it remains secure.

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