Charnwood Discovery

Charnwood Discovery is a leading provider of drug discovery services, from standalone customized solutions through to fully integrated programs that enhance the experience and success of complex drug discovery.

Founded in 1998 they are an established partner of choice for many biotech and pharmaceutical companies and offer multiple services across:

  • Integrated drug discovery
  • Discovery chemistry
    • Synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, peptide synthesis
  • Computer-aided drug design
    • Target evaluation
    • Virtual screening
    • Structure-based drug design
    • Ligand-based drug design
  • Bioscience
    • Assay development, biophysical assays, cell based assays, biochemical assay development
    • In vitro ADME assays
    • Pharmacokinetics & bioanalysis
    • Metabolite identification (Met ID)
  • Chemical development
    • Process development
    • Chemical manufacturing
    • Crystalization and purification

Their client centric, flexible approach, combined with a commitment to innovation and excellence sees many clients return to them year on year to support their research programs.

Working in collaboration they add value across the drug discovery pipeline, from target validation through to pre-clinical candidates.

Whether you need a standalone or fully integrated solution their multidisciplinary teams provide innovation and excellence at every stage.

Their compelling ‘under-one-roof’ service ensures that the best scientific minds can quickly and easily collaborate to move your project forward. They recruit from a global talent pool for diversity of intellectual input and, by investing in their scientists’ on-going development, they stay at the cutting edge of the latest advances.

Located in their spacious facility on Charnwood Campus, they create an environment that allows colleagues to work effectively by providing time and space to reflect, think and share how best to achieve a client’s goals.

Their labs are also set up to facilitate high levels of communication between teams enabling rapid problem solving and the best possible project outcomes.

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