Domain leaders in SAR knowledge extraction and knowledge-based design

MedChemica are domain leaders in SAR knowledge extraction and knowledge-based design and have built an end-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform (MCPairs) for drug, agrochemical and material compound design. The user interfaces are geared for direct use by chemists and were designed and built using more than 10 years’ experience in the field. These software and databases not only reduce the time and cost to critical compounds and experiments, but also increase the quality. MCPairs Enterprise is available to license, with support and training packages, for larger companies. For biotechs, foundations and university researchers MCPairs Online is available. With a modern web browser users can have secure access to all of MedChemica’s AI system and databases of knowledge.

Their technology enabled the sharing of knowledge securely between multiple pharmaceutical companies and has generated the largest ever documented database of medicinal chemistry ADMET knowledge.

In addition to AI software and databases MedChemica offers bespoke consultancy services and has a proven track record of helping medicinal chemistry programs achieve success. This is based on over 50 years of drug design experience, backed by their bespoke AI system.

MedChemica are a member of our CRO Network, part of our Virtual R&D offering. You can find out more about them on their website.