× Medicines Discovery Catapult

We are creating a national platform that enables our partners access to ‘pharma-class’ outsourced discovery and development projects. These skills include industrial programme management, webs of expert CRO networks and specialised academic assets, along with a strong informatics backbone.

We will enable the community to access

  • Up-to-date experts who can identify the right experiments needed to make the project understood by industry and investors
  • The very best CRO services
  • Highly specialised academic assays and technologies
  • The very best systems to secure the data
  • Industrial rigour of decision-making and programme management

This will also involve the creation of a national network of drug-hunting experts whose experience will enable the projects to do the right experiments to make their prototypes industry consumable and financeable. These ‘pop-up’ teams will offer our partners precision advice across a wide range of disease areas and decisions.

Working with us in Virtual R&D will not just make your assets higher value and available faster to the patient, they will provide you and your team with hands-on experience of how industry runs and thinks about these projects, providing you with your own development.

We will also put in place contract frameworks for handling multiparty CRO and academic assay data. We have access to leading intellectual property advisors so that the assets that are created are protected in the best way possible.

Our virtual R&D capability links closely with aspects of our informatics offering and will employ our discovery science skills to ensure that specialists are available for key decisions.

Get in touch now if you, your company and your project, would benefit from the advice and support of pharma-quality externalisation and insight.