× Medicines Discovery Catapult


Discovering new diagnostics, biomarkers and drugs is a data science. It generates a huge quantity of complex biological, chemical, clinical and safety information that needs to be collected, analysed and presented in a way that it can be best used to make strong decisions.

Every product being presented for clinical study or patenting is a complex information asset, and to put it simply: the group that understands the data best wins.

To make the best decisions on which assets to progress, and to create the best data assets, secure sharing and associated analytics of data are critical.

Our deep expertise in scientific data analysis, natural language processing and machine learning enables the community to access rare expertise.

We will put that to use by

  • Creating and curating data that helps our partners understand wider data surrounding their project idea
  • Creating registers of national capability to signpost our partners through a complex landscape
  • Creating systems that allow many machine learning systems to learn from one another
  • Applying existing techniques from other IT sectors into discovery
  • Testing and applying new software systems from SMEs and academia in real world environments
  • Providing engineering skills that will enable partners to turn software prototypes into products

Once proven, these systems will then be commercialised for use by the wider community.