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Future Labs Live 2020

The world’s most multidisciplinary event for R&D, quality and manufacturing laboratories is making its way online

28th September 2020

The Emerging Hearing Medicines Landscape Webinar 1: Addressing an unmet need

Exploring hearing drug discovery in the context of an emerging area for medicines development and a growing market

28th September 2020

What is it like working in industry?

“In the Lab”

7th October 2020

AI Tech North 2020

Build a community to look towards the future by sharing knowledge and collaborating to make a difference

12th - 13th October 2020

UK QSAR Autumn 2020 Meeting

Accelerating Hit-2-Lead and Lead Optimisation

15th October 2020

The Emerging Hearing Medicines Landscape Webinar 2: Challenges and opportunities of translational hearing research

Exploring the challenges in hearing drug discovery and translation, and learn how others are addressing them

20th October 2020

2020 Bionow Oncology Conference

Digital Event

4th - 5th November 2020