3rd Global Pharma R&D Informatics & AI Congress

This event is designed to highlight the implementation and advances in the convergence of machine learning, artificial intelligence, informatics and data science for early drug discovery.

Sessions and discussions include:

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery

  • State-of-the-Art in Algorithms and Models for Drug Discovery
  • AI and ML for Target Discovery, Validation and Clinical Data Feedback
  • Advances in AI and Quantum Computing for Drug Discovery
  • Utilizing AI and ML to Design Next Generation Compounds and Leads

Data Science for Drug Discovery

  • Data Integration, Analysis and Knowledge Discovery
  • Integrating Blockchain for AI and ML in Drug Discovery
  • Harnessing Data for Chemoinformatics and Biological Models
  • Next-Generation Data Visualizing and Reporting

Our Lead Scientist in Cheminformatics, Dr Andrew Pannifer, will be delivering a talk called Maximising the Impact of AI in Preclinical Drug Discovery at 11:50am on Tuesday 29th October in the Data Science for Drug Discovery РCheminformatics and Biological Models track

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