AI in Drug Discovery and Drug Safety Workshop

This is event is brought to you by AI3SD and Medicines Discovery Catapult.

Drug discovery is a complex and long-term scientific investigation involving interdisciplinary research methods coupled with large heterogeneous datasets. The research and data space in this area is vast, and we believe that the use of AI and machine learning technologies can help spur on advances in this domain.

This workshop has been designed to draw together those with a keen interest in using AI and machine learning technologies in the domain of drug discovery, both to aid future drug discovery, and to help improve drug safety.

There will be keynote talks interspersed with general group discussions, and working groups around the key topics that arise. There will also be an opportunity to tour the labs at Medicines Discovery Catapult. Lunch will be provided and there will be plenty of time for networking, and the day will conclude with a prosecco reception.

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