ConTech Pharma

Content creation and consumption is changing faster than ever before which is impacting business models, patterns of behaviour and virtually every aspect of the role of scientific information.  ConTech Pharma will showcase the very latest thinking and help organisations to understand how these changes will affect them.

The core themes that the ConTech Pharma speakers and delegates will be discussing are:

  • Content Focus – Exploring the data governance perspective such as FAIR data and the wider data lifecycle.
  • Insight Focus – From the scientific perspective, such as whether we are talking: Target Discovery, Lead Discovery, Pre-Clinical, Clinical or Surveillance. The role of Predictive Analytics.
  • Techniques Focus – From the AI, Data Science and Machine Learning perspective – techniques that have worked and are emerging.
  • Decision Focus – from the business perspective – ethics, bias, transparency and socialising results.

Our Chief Informatics Officer, Professor John Overington, will be delivering a talk called Discovering Data for Drug Discovery at 3:00pm in the Sloane Suite.

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