ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum: Enabling Ecosystems for Machine Learning in the Life Sciences

The ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum (EBIF) is a one-day event and aims to bring together the community of bioinformaticians to discuss visionary ideas, bottlenecks and solutions to some of the major challenges in the data-driven life science sector.

This year’s EBIF focus is on making Machine Learning robust and reproducible for the Life Sciences. The programme includes a mixture of presentations from industry and academia that will lead to panel discussions on the following themes:

  • Interoperable data and workflows to enable reproducible Machine Learning in the life sciences and the role of Open Science in the value chain;
  • Challenges and solutions in Machine Learning for the life sciences – Federated Learning and Synthetic Data;
  • Innovation, collaboration and security in the Machine Learning Ecosystem

Our Lead Cheminformatician, Dr Gemma Holliday will be on a round table discussions on emerging issues in the application of Machine Learning to the Life Sciences.

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