Healthcare and Data: How do we get it right?

Please join James Peach, Head of Stratified Medicine at Medicines Discovery Catapult, and a host of other speakers for a day-long public conference to explore these questions.

The day will be structured around themed panel discussions with plenty of opportunity to engage, discuss and challenge.

Panels will include:

  • If data is the answer, what is the question? – Examining the realistic potential of data to drive improvements in health, care and research
  • Barriers to better use of data – Identifying the key bottlenecks, conflicts and challenges that are undermining current efforts
  • Where are we at the moment? – Exploring exciting innovations that are making a difference to healthcare and research now
  • How should we get there? – Building a vision not just of how maximising the value of health data would all work, but also how it could be fair, right and well-governed.

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