Webinar: Chemical Genomics

When the human genome was mapped in the early 2000s, researchers at the time were hopeful that knowing the blueprint of every disease-causing protein in the body would swiftly lead to treatments. Although mapping the human genome did help to uncover various disease-causing proteins, almost two decades later it’s now clear that the complex biology of disease combined with the endless task of screening small molecules means many of these targets remain undruggable.

However, chemical genomics, defined as the systematic screening of libraries of small molecules against various drug target families, promises hope to remedy this vast gap in therapeutics. Numerous high-throughput screening assays and chemical probes are employed in chemical genomics, many of which have been adapted from large-scale technologies within the pharmaceutical industry. To learn more about chemical genomics and the advances and promises it brings to therapeutic discovery, The Scientist is bringing together a panel of researchers in the chemical genomics field for this free educational webinar.

Our Chief Informatics Officer, Professor John Overington, will be speaking.

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