Wellcome Genome Campus Hackathon

This hackathon is organised by the Wellcome Trust. We are providing one of the challenges:

How can we combine data and genetic testing to intelligently prescribe drugs?

Using pharmacogenetics to match emerging drugs with patients will help avoid unnecessary side-effect and deliver more effective treatments. The aim of this challenge is to lay the ground work for this, by using data to understand the genetic testing that will be required.

You can help us meet this challenge if you:

  • Can extract structured data from text files
  • Have an understanding of pharmacogenetics
  • Can analyse population genetic datasets
  • Have a patient or clinical perspective

The prizes are:

  • An opportunity to present your solution to NHS Chair of Pharmacogenomics, Sir Munir Pirmohamed, for potential implementation
  • Publication of results, methods and teams via the Medicines Discovery Catapult & the UK Pharmacogenomics Network

This intensive two-day event will provide participants with an opportunity to creatively and collaboratively address a relevant challenge in the sphere of genomes and biodata. Participants will develop solutions that offer impact while honing their creative, communication and entrepreneurial skills. More information is available on the Wellcome Genome Campus website.

Who should attend?

PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, business students, scientists from pharma, biotech companies, local Universities, incubators, venture builders and investors and others interested in the following:

  • Inspiration to consider entrepreneurial and alternative career pathways and the confidence and intent to start to discover the possibilities and opportunities.
  • Developing core transferable skills and knowledge for enterprise and entrepreneurship – including creativity, networking, communication and team working skills.
  • Developing personal networks in terms of both their peers and connecting with entrepreneurial individuals and organisations.
  • Gaining an appreciation of the innovation process and the steps required to take novel ideas and technologies forward into business opportunities or impactful solutions.

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