North West Laboratory passes the 20 million test milestone for Covid-19

The Alderley Park Lighthouse Lab in Cheshire, which plays a key role in the UK Government’s Covid-19 PCR testing programme, has announced it has processed its 20 millionth PCR test in December.

The Laboratory, which is part of the largest diagnostic project in British history, launched in April 2020 and is staffed day and night by more than 750 trained specialists. The Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory’s total sample milestone is equivalent to testing a third of the UK’s population.

 Dr Mark Wigglesworth, Director of the Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory, says:

“20 million samples equate to a vast number of individuals and families who have been provided with answers on whether they have Covid-19. It’s a public health intervention on an unprecedented scale and something the team are immensely proud of.

“Testing the equivalent of a third of the UK is an incredible milestone for an individual laboratory to reach and underpins the significant contribution all the staff at the Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory have made to the national testing effort throughout the pandemic.

“I’m hugely proud of all the staff who have contributed to the creation of the facility and continue to be impressed by their steely determination to help deliver the largest diagnostic project this country has ever seen.

“As many people transition to work from home, our laboratory will continue to operate 24/7, rapidly identifying cases and helping the government to track and control the spread of Omicron.”

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