Dr Hervé Barjat

Lead of Bioimaging Informatics

Following undergraduate studies in chemistry at Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, and an M.Sc. in physical methods of chemical analysis at UEA, he specialised in NMR spectroscopy whilst studying for a PhD at the University of Manchester with Prof. Gareth Morris. He developed novel data acquisition methods as well as analysis tools in high-field liquid-state NMR spectroscopy, with applicability to MRI. This work continued in Cambridge with Prof. Ray Freeman.

He subsequently joined GSK as a founding member of a small imaging team focused solely on the application of MRI for the study of models of Neurology and gastrointestinal diseases. He joined AstraZeneca in 2007 and worked in a multi-modality imaging department (MRI, PET, CT, ultrasound) studying drug efficacy and toxicity in a range of therapeutic areas. During part of this time, he was the industry-side project manager for the IMI QuIC-ConCePT project aimed at assessing whether selected quantitative imaging measurements can be used as validated biomarkers of treatment effect on tumours.

After a brief period at STFC’s Scientific Computing Department in Daresbury, working on modelling some properties of active pharmaceutical ingredient formulations, he joined MDC in early 2019. He is focusing on imaging informatics, in particular the management and analysis of the wide range of imaging data produced in the laboratories.