Eleanor Platt

Molecular Scientist

Eleanor Platt is a Molecular Scientist within the Biomarkers team at Medicines Discovery Catapult.

Eleanor undertook a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Bath and completed her M.Phil. in Molecular Cancer Studies at the University of Manchester, with a focus on the role of glucocorticoid receptor in small cell lung cancer cell apoptosis.

She was offered the opportunity to work within the pharmacokinetics laboratory in a large CRO, processing and testing patient biological samples. She subsequently worked within the R&D Department at a leading molecular diagnostics company for five years, developing PCR-based diagnostics to better direct treatment of patients with cancer and infectious diseases.

Eleanor’s current research interests focus on ageing and age-related diseases, particularly expression of age-related biomarkers in plasma and the mechanisms through which bisphosphonates such as Zoledronate may reduce the rate of ageing, as well as the incidence of cancers and cardiovascular disease.