Sinéad McCormack

Chief Financial Officer

Sinéad is a qualified accountant with 23 years of experience, holding senior positions in financial services and higher education with organisations including Barclays, Bank of England and the University of Manchester.

Having started her career with Aspect Capital, AIG and Barclays, Sinéad then joined the Bank of England as Senior Manager of Financial of Control and Reporting and subsequently Hoist Finance as Head of Finance for the UK.

Sinéad was most recently a member of the Leadership Team for the University of Manchester Faculty of Medicine, Biology and Health before Joining Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) as Chief Financial Officer in March 2022.

Applying her finance skills gained in the private and public sectors, Sinéad is responsible for overseeing MDC’s finances to ensure the organisation achieves its vision of reshaping drug discovery for patient benefit; as Chief Financial Officer, Sinéad is responsible for the management of the Finance, IT and Procurement functions.