Enabling patient-focused drug discovery – a collective approach to R&D.

Syndicates is one of our many innovative programmes, reshaping medicines discovery through patient-focused portfolios of collaborative R&D.

Our syndicates are disease focussed, lasting partnerships and anchored to patients by the central role of the relevant medical research charity. Created as inclusive consortia, they bring together key R&D players from different sectors to drive focussed efforts in areas of unmet need and to facilitate faster and more efficient medicines discovery.

Syndicates connect charity insights with industry know-how to progress innovative ideas, positioning them for further development and investment. They leverage academic and clinical expertise and research capabilities through strong links with expert networks and collaboration.

Addressing unmet patient needs is the shared goal of the Syndicate’s partners, who work together collaboratively through the pooling of resources and expertise to generate a continuous cycle of innovation and impact.

Find out more about the three Syndicates we have established to date:

How do charities benefit from being involved in a Syndicate?

Being part of a Syndicate offers medical research charities, and the patients they represent, direct influence over the next generation of medicines and empowers them to drive focussed research efforts to ensure progress towards their development and translation into the clinic.

How can SMEs benefit from working with a Syndicate?

Syndicates help SMEs develop their therapeutic assets by providing them with access to vital expertise and disease insight, networks of collaboration and funding opportunities. Engaging with a Syndicate helps SMEs to sharply focus their efforts on to tightly defined clinical and patient needs, maximising success, and ROI.

How can academics benefit from working with a Syndicate?

Syndicates foster skills and knowledge exchange between industry and academia. Whether engaging as a core Syndicate partner or as a collaborator on a Syndicate project, academics working with us will have access to a wealth of disease-specific expertise, drug discovery know-how and industry insights into routes for commercialisation of their research.

We Can Offer

  • Invaluable insights into patients’ and clinical needs
  • Access to shared-resource, focused research ‘engines’, which leverage collective cross-sector expertise and know-how
  • The opportunity to collaborate with others, through a shared-risk model, to drive patient-focused medicines discovery
  • Routes to innovative funding models

We Believe

  • Medicines discovery should involve patients and focus on their needs
  • The UK can lead on innovative, patient-focused medicines discovery
  • Working together we can deliver better medicines to patients, faster

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