Developing strategic disease-focused consortia to unlock barriers to successful medicines discovery.

Enabling patient-focused drug discovery, a collective approach to R&D.

We face unprecedented global health challenges from the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance to the growing incidence of mental health conditions. Despite ongoing sector innovation, challenges in medicines discovery remain and many patients are left without effective treatments.


Mission-oriented communities to:

  • Create disease insights and intelligence
  • Overcome sector challenges through cross-sector collaboration
  • Accelerate medicines discovery
  • Bring new treatments to patients, faster



Our Syndicates bring together key R&D players from different sectors to drive focussed efforts in areas of unmet need to facilitate faster and more efficient medicines discovery.

Each Syndicate is underpinned by our deep understanding of the disease landscape, patient needs and priorities, and by our connection to key stakeholders in the field.  We put patients first by truly understanding the impact of a disease or condition and focusing on what really matters to patients and their families. By creating disease-focused communities, we support medicines discovery innovators by:

  • Creating sector intelligence and identifying barriers to successful medicines discovery, then working collaboratively to put in place open-source tools and enabling resources to overcome them
  • Opening up access to cross-sector insights, expertise and research capabilities
  • Involving patients and charities as strategic partners and connecting their insights with industry know-how to progress innovative ideas and position them for further development and investment
  • Actively driving the collaborative development, funding and delivery of therapeutic pipelines

Our Syndicates

Psychiatry Consortium

Accelerating innovative drug discovery in psychiatric disease through a pre-competitive approach.


CF AMR Syndicate

Driving the discovery and development of novel antimicrobials and diagnostics for the treatment of infections associated with cystic fibrosis.


We are a founding member and now an active partner of the Hearing Therapeutics Initiative, which is led by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and aims to accelerate the development of therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing loss and tinnitus.

In our areas of strategic focus: infectious disease and neuroscience, we are scoping the development of new syndicates to bring new communities together and tackle sector challenges to catalyse medicines discovery efforts.

Our Experts

Dr Beverley Isherwood

Dr Beverley Isherwood

Partnership Lead

Dr Ekta Patel

Dr Ekta Patel

Partnership Manager

Constance Takawira

Constance Takawira

Partnership Manager


We put in place innovative approaches to support patient-focused medicines R&D: from the development of international research collaborations to tackle patient unmet needs to the development of intelligence to guide and catalyse medicines discovery efforts where patients need them the most. Find out more about some of the projects that we’ve worked on below:

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