MDC Connects 2024 1 of 5 UK Life Sciences – the Future is Bright

Each year, Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) aims to connect the community by running a short series of weekly webinars: “MDC Connects”. We invite experts from the community and within MDC to deliver the sessions. Our goal is to educate, inform, and advise the community on the discovery of medicines.

2024 was an informative series outlining the journey from innovation to commercialisation.


1 UK Life Sciences – the Future is Bright | Tuesday 13 February

Webinar one UK Life Sciences – the Future is Bright; creating a richer national R&D pipeline, the current climate and tackling the challenges together.


  • Professor Chris Molloy, CEO, Medicines Discovery Catapult
  • Dr Tim Newton, Senior Market Analyst at Medicines Discovery Catapult
  • Dr Nicola Heron, Chief Strategy Officer at Medicines Discovery Cataput