Adriana Gambardella

Lead Scientist

Adriana joined Medicines Discovery Catapult in 2023 as part of the Virtual Research and Development team to help SMEs develop their strategies and re-disk their programmes.

Building on over 18 years of research experience within academia and industry (both CROs and biotech companies), working on translational research and drug discovery programmes across different disease areas, from cancer immunology to inflammation and fibrosis.

Following a PhD in BioMolecular Science and Biotechnology at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Italy, she moved to UK for her post-doctoral fellowships (first on inflammation and liver fibrosis at the University of Edinburgh (SCRM), then on Haematology and Stem cell biology at the University of Oxford (WIMM)).

In 2016 she joined Immunocore where she used her NGS and flow cytometry expertise to lead the work of her team of scientist and bioinformatics in the Target Validation group to identify new cancer targets. After a couple of years working at Concept Life Science as the Immunology Department Leader, where she gained commercial experience, she joined Redx where she worked as drug discovery Project Leader for the fibrosis and immunology programs and Lead Translational scientist for the most advanced programs: Ph1 study in Chron’s disease and the Ph2a study in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).