Dr Andrzej Rutkowski

Lead Scientist

Medicines Discovery Catapult

While in academia, Andrzej worked in different scientific fields, from oncofoetal antigens to herpes viruses. His projects revolved around changes in gene expression, which is where he developed an array of skills transferrable to biomarker research.

While in AstraZeneca, he developed and multiplexed droplet digital PCR assays and used them to monitor cancer-related mutations in liquid biopsies from patients in early-phase clinical trials.

In 2018, he started the position of senior scientist in biomarkers at Medicines Discovery Catapult, where he introduced super-sensitive molecular biology techniques, including droplet digital PCR from Bio-Rad and Simoa from Quanterix. During the pandemic, he was seconded as Assay Innovation and Evaluation Lead to the ISO15189-accredited Alderley Park Lighthouse Lab, which delivered COVID-19 diagnostics. This two-year placement allowed Andrzej to better understand diagnostics from the scientific and regulatory sides.

Furnished with these skills and experience, he was appointed lead scientist in Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) biomarkers in MDC, leading the development of a framework for carrying out exploratory analyses on clinical samples in compliance with GCLP guidelines.